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Foot Attachment - Pintuck Presser Foot

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Pintuck Presser Foot Attachment

The SINGER® pintuck foot is used for embellishing garments, table linens and bed linens, typically in conjunction with a twin needle (not included). Working with a twin needle (SINGER Style 2025), the SINGER® pintuck foot creates evenly-spaced raised tucks in the fabric. The SINGER® pintuck foot has a series of evenly-spaced grooves on the underside which allows for perfectly parallel rows of raised tucks that will not be flattened when sewn. Increase the upper thread tension or add a cord for more pronounced tucks. Sew intersecting rows of tucks for interesting texture on the fabric! It works best with lightweight fabrics such as batiste, silk, and organdy. It is a genuine SINGER® accessory in carded blister pack. For use with low-shank sewing machines.

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  • The Pintuck Foot is used for embellishing garments, Table Linens and Bed Linens, Typically in Conjunction with a Twin Needle
  • It works best with Llight Weight Fabrics such as Batiste, Silk and Organdy.
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