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Foot Attachment - Gathering Presser Foot

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Gathering Presser Foot Attachment

The SINGER® gathering foot is used to form soft gathers in fabric. The SINGER® gathering foot can be used to gather a single layer of fabric or to gather a single layer of fabric while attaching it to a layer that is not gathered. Silk ribbons or strips of lightweight fabric can be gathered to create whole new look! The SINGER® gathering foot works best with softer, lightweight fabrics. It is a genuine SINGER® accessory in carded blister pack. For use with low-shank sewing machines.

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  • The Gathering Foot is used to form Soft Gathers in Fabric.
  • Used to Gather a Single Layer of Fabric or to Gather a Single Layer of Fabric while Attaching it to a Layer that is not Gathered.
  • Silk Ribbons or Strips of Lightweight Fabric can be Gathered to Create Whole New Look.
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