As the city just began to cherish the winter air, pollution appeared to mar the spirits. Weather reports now reveal that the air quality is unbreathable because of the high toxic levels.
While it is worrisome, you can still go about your business because there is always food to prepare your body to combat the possible harm the air might inflict. Here are some nutrients that you’ll need to fight the pollution:

1. Vitamin C – The Anti-oxidant vitamin is essential to rid the body of possible harm caused due to inhalation. Raw fruits rich in Vitamin C are: guava, amla (Indian gooseberry), grapes, oranges, lemon bell peppers, tomatoes, berries, broccoli and kiwi. Be sure to include a meal or a drink of these fruits in your day.

2.Omega 3 fatty acids– The brain booster fats are so called because they regulate hormones and       increase brain activity, thereby, also increasing metabolism. Increased metabolism can fight antibodies better. Foods where you may find these are:  Nuts especially walnuts, flax seeds, fish and cod-liver oil.

3.Magnesium – It is a relaxant for the respiratory tubes, ensuring unrestricted breathing. The best sources are nuts especially almonds, cashews, flax seeds and legumes.

4.Ginger and turmeric– These are the golden ingredients, they are anti-inflammatory and also enhance body’s natural defenses. This can enable you to fight the conditions better and retain your health. However, to extract more benefits out of these foods, you must exercise. A bicycle ride can help you exercise and go places at the same time. So it’s a win- win situation!